Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys drinks some water during a break in play against the Detroit Lions during the first half at AT&T Stadium on October 23, 2022 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

I’m not sure which rabbit hole I was going down when I learned this information. But when a team wins the Super Bowl, the members of the staff usually all get a ring, too. Then I started looking into salaries. That’s when I ran across what an NFL Waterboy makes.

First of all, let’s discuss duties. The waterboy’s primary job is to keep players hydrated. Along with water, they provide towels and whatever else coaches and players may need. They also need to stay out of the way. And despite the name, NFL Waterboys are not limited to men. There’s plenty of women doing the job as well. The main qualifications seem to be a high school diploma, some football knowledge, and ambition. And to be in shape. The waterboy is constantly moving during practices and games to ensure everyone gets that high quality H2O.

Waterboys aren’t also totally anonymous, either. According to fanbuzz, “Even a United States president–Herbert Hoover–once served as a waterboy. In fact, he was the first of these hydration experts in Stanford University history. The most famous of all time is without a doubt Adam Sandler’s character, Bobby Boucher, from “The Waterboy.”

There’s some extra perks, too. Players sometimes give them game-worn items as gifts. Ok, enough stalling. How much does an NFL Waterboy get paid?



  • NFL Waterboy Salary: $53,000.

    But this does vary by team. And some waterboys are unpaid interns that at best receive a stipend. But the Career Explorer Guide lists the average salary as 53K a year. It may be even more now. Back in 2019, Chad Ochocinco verified that number in a tweet.


  • And there's perks, too.

    As an employee of an NFL you’re entitled to benefits plus two free tickets per year for each employee. Players also gift out souvenirs like game worn items. Plus some clout when your Tik Tok is loaded with vids from your job. Probably should keep that to a minimum, though. Focus on the job, not your phone. 

  • Rather work indoors?

    Data shows NBA towel and ball boys they earn an average of $55,000 – $60,000 annually. When LeBron breaks the all time scoring record and they stop the game, someone will hand him a towel. That’s someone’s job!

  • Sign me up - I want in.

    The best way is to know someone. Or to start off small and build your relationships and resumes. I found this site helpful:

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  • For those of us in Florida

    I found 527 jobs posted from professional sports franchises. Spring Training starts soon and there’s a lot of short term positions available.

  • But remember, when it comes to hydration, Gatorade is better

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