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Fantasy football draft season is just on the horizon. Now is the time to start consuming information for your draft preparation. The goal is winning for everyone, at least mostly. Avoiding last place is maybe more important than winning the league. Over the past decade or so the term “Sacko”  has been made famous from FX’s “The League“. In the show it was a trophy for the last place team owner along with a punishment. The fantasy football community has taken the Sacko idea and made it so much better. Fantasy Football punishments are evolving.

After going through the entire internet (not the Dark web) I have found the 9 best fantasy football punishments. It’s important to remember that if you are one of those people at the bottom of your league consistently, you might not want to share this.

Draft preparation is key if you want to avoid the Sacko. I have found that relying on one source is not the best way to prepare. Looking at multiple ONLINE outlets. I love the feeling of a magazine in your hands. But this is 2023 and information is key. A magazine that was printed in mid-July is out of date and not going to give you the best chance at winning. The internet is where you want to be.

I also like to read through camp reports for some of the offenses that are expected to be towards the top of the league. An example is Isiah Pacheco from last year. Chiefs beat reporters were glowing about Pacheco in training camp. If you drafted him, or kept an eye on him throughout the season, he was a great asset late in the season. Anyway- here are the 9 best fantasy football punishments

  • 1. Waffle House Challenge

    The 9 Best Fantasy Football Punishments

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    This one has picked up popularity over the last few years. The rules are simple; The loser of the league must spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. For each waffle consumed an hour is taken off the time. It helps if there is video evidence or at least live updates on social media.

  • 2. Host Next Year's Draft

    The 9 Best Fantasy Football Punishments Host Next Years Draft

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    This obviously works better for leagues that meet in person for their drafts. When I say host, I mean host- Cheat sheets, food, beverages. The host buys all of it, and can’t say no to any requests.

  • 3. Tik-Tok Challenege

    Everyone enjoys a good clean public shaming. And what better way to do that through the art of dance. The loser of the league need to post everyday to Tik-Tok until one dance reaches 10,000 views. It needs to be a new dance every day.

  • 4. Stand Up Comedy

    The 9 Best Fantasy Football Punishments

    Hopefully if this is the punishment you’ve got a good sense of humor. The whole league can get together, head down to the local comedy club on open night night for this one. Set whatever time limit you want, and the loser has to perform a routine that fills the time. A fun twist on this can be the loser has to do a 10 minute set, but can take a minute off for each win of the season. So a 4 win team would have to perform a 6 minute stand up routine.

  • 5. SAT

    The 9 Best Fantasy Football Punishments SAT

    You lose your league and you’ve got to go back to school… well, sort of. Sign up and go take the SAT (or another agreed upon standardized test). A fun wrinkle on this can be setting a minimum score in order to end the punishment.

  • 6. Sign Spinner

    Get out on the corner and get to work if you come in last and this is the punishment. Walk into any local tax office and ask if you can work the corner pro bono. Get out there and do your best. Let the winner set the time limit for how long the loser needs to work the corner.

  • 7. Magician for a Day

    The 9 Best Fantasy Football Punishments magician for a day

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    This works best when all (or most) of the members have kids. The loser needs to learn some magic and perform at the winner’s child’s birthday party. Dust off your best top hat and say abracadabra.

  • 8. US Open Qualifier

    The 9 best fantasy football punishments US Open

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    This might be the worst punishment when combining the length of the punishment with the physical toll it will take. The average weekend warrior will go out and shoot over 110 easily. Change it to bowling or tennis if the loser of the league could actually get hot and qualify.

  • 9. Lemonade Stand

    The 9 best fantasy football punishments lemonade stand

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    The loser needs to wait for the summer to roll around and then set up a lemonade stand. I like setting a goal of $100 before the loser can close up shop. Although I’ve seen this done where there was a minimum time limit set. Let the winner choose.

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