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So here’s the deal. Every fast food place is pushing their version of the spicy chicken sandwich. But not all are created equal. I already had an idea what my favorite was, but we owe it to everyone to try out the rest. Inspired by Thrillest, and their fast food awards – The Foodies, here’s the list of the best fast food spicy chicken sandwiches you can get here in Southwest Florida. I wanna make that clear, I don’t need someone from out of town telling me how great “_____” is. If I missed a local choice let me know, I’ll certainly give it a try. If I have to drive to Texas to get it – that’s a no. So grab a drink, let’s take a look at

The 7 Best Fast Food Spicy Chicken Sandwiches in SWFL: Ranked

  • 8. Arby's Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    Arby’s still has hands down the best curly fries around. Curly fries and Arby’s sauce is one of my favorites. But I’ve been disappointed with the Arby’s in Estero. The last time I got a roast beef sandwich I couldn’t get horsey sauce. Even after I asked. Their chicken sandwich is buffalo style, and it’s really not bad. I wonder if you could get extra sauce and dip your curly fires in it?


  • 7. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    Been eating these forever since there’s a Wendy’s so close to the station. When it first came out, this was the s***, but there’s just so many better options now. This sandwich is such an icon, you can buy the Pringle’s version. I haven’t tried it yet.



  • 6. Culver's Spicy Crispy Chicken

    Culver’s is close to the house and is our go-to spot after some day drinking by the pool. Their burgers are amazing, and the crew is incredibly tolerant of our stupidity. When I asked for “a whole bag of fries” they did it for me. But their chicken sandwich is just kinda meh. It’s spicy, but other than that, kind of boring. Stick with the burgers, or if you want, they actually make a pretty darn good salad.


  • 5. McDonald's Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

    It’s a fair entry into the game, but nothing shocking. The sauce is decent but I’m wondering if this would be better on that steamed bun like they use for the filet-o-fish, rather than the potato roll.


  • 4. KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    Clearly the Colonel was gunning for Popeye’s with this one. And it gets close. It has a little heat, too. Which is nice.

  • 3. Chick-fil-A: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    It seems to be just some extra seasoning on a regular chicken sandwich. Not much difference. If you like the original, which I do, you’ll like this one, too. Originally I had this at number 4 but was swayed by the eloquence of Garrett on the facebook page to move it up a spot:  “I like the Chick Fil A because the spice is already cooked in it. The spice doesn’t come from a sauce like a lot of the others”. Also, I love Chick Fil A for switching to the bigger ketchup dipping containers. So much easier with the waffle fries.


  • 2. Burger King Spicy Ch'King Sandwich

    This is an amazing sandwich and probably the best thing you can get at Burger King. I’d take this over a Whopper any day. Good solid flavoring, condiments, and a little bit of heat. But there was no chance it was gonna beat out my favorite.



  • 1. Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    It’s just the best. The chicken, that sauce, and the giant hunk of pickle makes it number one. And now that the Bonita Springs store is open I don’t have to drive as far to get one. It’s just weird how clean the Bonita store is. Not used to going into a Popeye’s and having it be so clean. Ah well, it’s new.


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