LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 26: Actress and singer, Victoria Justice hosts a sweet and spicy launch party in LA on October 26th for the new Smirnoff Seltzer Poco Pico pack, Smirnoff ICE Spicy Tamarind and the return of Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind vodka specialty during a bold event celebrating a collision of cultures, cuisines, and of course, cocktails! (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Smirnoff)

As summer heats up, the need for refreshment grows. A hard seltzer (or several) by the pool is a great way to spend the afternoon. But as the hard seltzer market grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose what to get. There’s so many different brands and soooo many different flavors that in some stores there’s almost more seltzer choices than there are beer choices. If only there was someone who can break down the most popular hard seltzer flavors for us. Well, along comes YouGovAmerica, who, according to Wikipedia “YouGov specializes in market research and opinion polling through online methods.” They use data for lots of important reasons. We, however, are going to use their data for drinking.

This data is from Q1 2022, so it was from January to March of this year. So if your favorite was released in the past couple of months it won’t be on here. Earlier this year I did “The 20 Best Seltzers To Try This Summer“, but that was focused on brands. Let’s get more precise and see which flavors rank the best.

So let’s end the speculation, and time wasted at the store wondering whether or not you should try a different flavor. We’ve got science to help us determine how to choose. My favs like White Claw Black Cherry or Corona didn’t even make the top 5. Topo Chico? 14. Looking to try something new? These are the flavors that rank the highest among actual seltzer drinkers. So let’s go.