Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

July in sports radio means one thing; lists. Top NBA players of all time, best non championship winning team, best Christmas movies… you get the point. Throughout July ESPN Radio has been ranking the top 5 (fill in the black) in the NFL. They’ve done fan bases, head coaches, and quarterback receiver duos. Most of the lists are unnecessary. But today they were doing the 5 best uniforms in the NFL. I consider myself a bit of a jersey aficionado. So I thought I would do the 5 best uniforms in the NFL according to me.

I want to set up the criteria. I am a fan of the classic look most of the time. When franchises introduce new uniforms they hardly ever improve on the older version. I am a Dolphins fan. What the current ownership has done to one of the best uniforms in all of football is a disgrace. Luckily over the last few seasons the NFL has implemented more throwbacks for teams. And now that we’re entering our second season where teams are allowed to have one alternate helmet, more teams are getting in on the retro look.

I am looking at one specific uniform as well. So it won’t be the Falcons listed. It will be the throwback Falcons uniform specifically. There are some throwbacks that did not make the list, but are great uniforms. The Steelers at home, Packers at home, and Dallas Cowboys white tops come to mind immediately. Here are the top 5 uniforms in the NFL.

  • 5. San Francisco 49ers (90's retro)

    The 5 Best Uniforms in the NFL

    (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

    This uniform takes me back to my childhood and when the San Francisco 49ers looking like with Steve Young under center. Most of the time I hate when black is added just for the sake of adding black. But it works really well here.

  • 4. Miami Dolphins (Home Throwback)

    The 5 Best Uniforms in the NFL Miami Dolphins

    (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

    I already said I am a Dolphins fan. But I tried to stay as neutral as possible here. These throwbacks make the Dolphins feel more dangerous. Their unique color scheme is enough to make them stand out. They don’t need to institute a new look every 5 years or so. Go back to these full time.

  • 3. Raiders (Black and Silver)

    The 5 Best Uniforms in the NFL Las Vegas Raiders

    (Photo by Sam Morris/Getty Images)

    This is what a football uniform should look like. It’s intimidating, classic, and just an overall badass look. The only way to make the Raiders look cooler is to institute a mandatory all-black visor.

  • 2. Baltimore Ravens (All Black)

    The 5 Best Uniforms in the NFL Baltimore Ravens

    (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

    By far the youngest team on the list. Maybe it’s those early 2000’s ravens defenses that skew my vision of these. But when the Ravens break out the all black uniform combo you know it’s a big spot on the schedule.

  • 1. Los Angeles Chargers (Powder Blue)

    The 5 Best Uniforms in the NFL Los Angeles Chargers

    (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)

    They are the best threads in the NFL. The powder blue is owned by the Chargers in the NFL, no matter what other franchises try to do. They scream high powered offense which is exactly what the Chargers are.

  • Honorable Mentions

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers “Creamsicles”

    Cincinnati Bengals (All White)

    New Orleans Saints (All Black)

    Jacksonville Jaguars (White tops/black bottom)

    5 Best NFL Uniforms Jacksonville Jaguars

    (Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)

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