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Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. There can be no debate. Here’s the reason: Food, alcohol, football, couch time and no pressure of buying gifts. All holiday’s centered around food are good. So let’s rank some of the more traditional Thanksgiving Side Dishes on the Shemon and Sheppard Show on ESPN Southwest Florida.

Before we review our list of Thanksgiving side dishes let us remember everybody has different tastes and traditions. For this reason and this reason only, we will limit this list to traditional dishes. We will not have exotic dishes, salads, or desserts.

With all of the food available I have tried multiple eating strategies on Thanksgiving. I have tried not eating breakfast and “saving” all of my calories for later in the day. The downside to this is the stomach may actually shrink and not be able to handle the large volume later in the day.

Other years I have eaten early and often. It helps to stretch the stomach and gets the digestive enzymes flowing early. But no matter which strategy one employs, it seems the beer and appetizers flow early and often and any gameplan ends up with a bloated gluttony of too much food.

While a good turkey is the main event, let’s rank Thanksgiving Side Dishes on ESPN Southwest Florida.

Craig Shemon