What in the Florida is this? A man from Tallahassee Florida has developed a device that allows him to kiss bugs. The device known as “Bugkiss” is essentially lips cut from a baby doll attached by a spring onto a pacifier. It may sound stupid, but his Tok Tok account has racked up millions of views. Is it worth it? Reports state that Tik Tok pays it’s content creators between $20 – $40 per one million views. So when he makes a video of himself kissing a worm in Tallahassee that gets 15 million plays, he’s looking at $300-$600. I’ve done dumber things to make $300.

In his videos, he properly explains the correct way to kiss a bug. As reported by the New York Post, “move in slowly for a smooch, gently pressing the mini-lips against the bug. You should avoid eye contact, as this can be threatening to some insects.”

The BugKiss isn’t currently a product you can buy, but he explains how to make your own. In the comments he states “I’m open to making it real” so if there’s a demand for people to want to kiss bugs, the product could be made. Here’s some of his videos to show his invention in action.

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