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College Football has to change up how they award National Championship games. SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles announced that tailgating is not allowed for the National Championship game. This is a stadium rule, and not an event rule. SoFi Stadium has sent out the following announcement to everyone with a parking pass: “Tailgating will not be allowed in any SoFi Stadium parking lot.” What a stupid decision. College football and tailgating are synonymous with each other. But the stupidity doesn’t stop there. There is also no RV parking. If you’ve ever been in a college town on a Friday afternoon, the convoy of RV’s that roll into town is a site to see. The CFP, who awards the National Championship sites, needs to improve their bidding process. This can not happen.

Needless to say, UGA and TCU fans going to the game are not happy with the decision. And for good reason. I have seen a proper tailgate bring opposing fan bases together. Normally over some sort of grill or game of cornhole. It’s also an opportunity for fans to meet other fans of their team. TCU fans would be flocking together getting ready for their first CFP National Championship game. Georgia fans will be gearing up for their 3rd natty in the last 5 years. Unfortunately they will not be able to tailgate for the event. The bigger issue here is to make sure this does not happen again. Leave it to California to find a way to mess up a National Championship game as tailgating is not allowed for the National Championship game.