Aerial View of Lake Tahoe Mountains and Turquoise Blue Water, California, USA

We are absolutely spoiled with the fishing we have available in Southwest Florida. I live on the Estero River which can be a great spot. There’s the bay, the gulf, off the pier (except for Sundays in Naples), shore, and on and on. If you have the means there are a myriad of ways to fish here. Check out Reel Talk on Saturday mornings. They have enough content to do a daily show. But let’s go back to that “if you have the means” statement. When was the last time you fished outside of Florida? Being out on a boat in South Florida summer heat can be absolutely brutal. We still do it because we love it, but it’s summertime up north too. And even though they are experiencing a heat wave up there, our heat just hits different. I was in Ohio last July and wore pants the whole time. How about a fishing trip?

So let’s take out love of fishing on the road and see what awaits us in other states. Extra Space Storage has a section on outdoor recreation that I used to help compile this. And I know a lot of us are from other places so may have missed your favorite. I grew up using a cane pole on the banks of Lake Laramie, but it’s not one I’m gonna recommend on this list. Ready for a fishing trip this summer? Check individual states for license requirements, then get packed. Here are the best fishing lakes in the U.S. outside of Florida.