I’m doing this post of college party schools as a service to our  2023  high school graduating classes. It’s no secret that ya’ll got a raw deal with covid wrecking a good chunk of your high school partying years. You can never redo those missed parties, but how about some make-good?

College is more about a higher education and getting a job when you’re done. It’s about an experience. So how do you know which college to choose to get the best ‘experience’. Well, fortunately the good folks at Barstool Sports have done the exhaustive research and compiled the list of the Top 50 Party Schools. I’m gonna do you one better and include a picture with each selection. Most at least.  When it comes to choosing the right college, visuals are important.

It’s interesting to note that there’s 50 states in the US, but 6 of the top 50 party schools are here in Florida. I couldn’t be prouder that our very own FGCU made the list. but with 6 here in Florida, that means some states are getting left out. Maybe it’s time they up their game? I’m rambling…. So without any further blathering on I present to you: The Top 50 College Party Schools

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