Santa does more than slide down chimneys this time of year. Santa Clause has dance moves too. And to prove it we are checking out a few for TikTok Tuesday. Social media sites are full of Santa Clause sightings and some are pretty funny. In addition, TikTok is famous for its viral dances. Moves to music that almost everyone and anyone can a copy and replicate. Even Santa Clause. They aren’t always good, but they are usually entertaining.

Santa Dance

Santa Clause Moves

Here are a few fun facts about Santa’s moves. According to the folks at MIT, Santa has to move pretty darn fast on Christmas. Because of different time zones, he actually has 31 hours of Christmas deliver toys. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but researchers estimate Santa still has to visit 91.8 million homes on Christmas Eve. He has to move fast. So fast in fact that the math wizards estimate 822.6 visits per second.

However, before you say this is an impossible task. Remember these are the facts as presented by scientists. They do not include Christmas magic. You DO believe in magic right?

Magic is a big part of the holidays. Many people turn their homes and businesses into a magical wonderland with elaborate decorations. Social media is also full of DIY decorating ideas. If you need a few more, or simply some inspiration, check some of these out.

You do not have to subscribe to TikTok, or have a TikTok account of your own to view any of these videos. I’ve gone down the black hole of Christmas videos for you. Simply scroll down, hit play and hopefully have a good laugh or two. There are so many holiday videos out there, but I picked the top five that appeared in my feed this morning.

Santa Clause has dance moves and here are a few.

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