Directional signs along US Interstate I-75 in Florida

I love the sunshine state and the occasional insanity brought upon us by Florida Man, but I get it. It’s getting so expensive to live here, especially if you’re renting, and some people are ready to leave Florida. Now there is a catch, this is primarily for people who work remotely or are self employed. A simple ploy, really. If you live there, and you’re working, they can tax you. And these places are ready to put cash on the line to get you to their towns.

So if you can do your job from anywhere and you’ve had enough of the sunshine, beaches, and amazing restaurants, this list is for you. Since property values have gone up around 50% over the last few years maybe now is the time to sell your home and take that pile of cash elsewhere. The five years of equity I’ve built up in my Estero home could buy me something comparable somewhere else. And I’d have no mortgage.

So thanks to some expert data collecting from gobankingrates, here are seven places that will pay you to leave Florida behind. The first few locations will require more than just a truck to get your couch and tv there.