Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

The NFL changed their uniform policy ahead of the 2022 season that allows teams to introduce a secondary or alternate helmet. Teams in the league have been pushing for a secondary helmet for the last few years. And this year we get new lids for the pros. The NFL’s new helmets will only be used with classic or throw back uniforms or color rush jerseys. Like college, the NFL’s new helmet designs are much needed and will provide a new look for most clubs.  Like everything in the league, we’ll starting ranking the NFL’s new helmets for 2022.

This change in league policy means we could see some of the best throwback uniform combinations in league history. The Philadelphia Eagles have announced in 2023 the Kelly Green would be returning. The Buccaneers announced the same timeline for their creamsicle throwback. The Patriots and Falcons are bringing back their old school helmets. The Panthers, Saints, and Bengals are among NFL’s new helmet designs for 2022.

There are some cool possibilities for teams yet to announce an alternate helmet. Seattle bringing back the silver helmets? The Bills going to a red lid a few times a season? Jacksonville bringing back the gold to black gradient helmet? Probably not the last one. But the point is the NFL needs to embrace this change in policy and take a page out of the college rule book. The new designs won’t sit well with the old guard, but the kids will love the new designs. Let’s get to it; ranking the NFL’s new helmets for 2022.

Update: Since this post the Cowboys, Giants, and Jets have released new helmets. We add them into the rankings.

  • 1. New Orleans Saints Black Helmet

    WOW! When the Saints walk out of the tunnel in their all black uniforms they already looked like the meanest team in the league. Add these beauties on top, and it might be my favorite uniform combination in the entire league.

  • 2. Atlanta Falcons Red Helmet

    The Falcons already had a clean throwback (I won’t go in on their ugly regular uniforms here), but adding this lid to complete the look should take us back to the days of Prime Time in ATL.

  • 3. Dallas Cowboys White Helmet

    These will be a nice touch to the 4 o’clock game on Thanksgiving. Dallas will only break these bad boys out once this year, so don’t miss them.

  • 4. New England Patriots White Helmet

    Say what you want about the Patriots. This throwback is one of the best looks in the NFL. I have not seen when they are wearing these beauties, but one of their four home primetime games seems like a good spot. I’ll guess the Monday Night Football game on October 24th against the Chicago Bears.

  • 5. New York Giants 80's/90's Look

    These are the Giants all of us over 30 grew up watching. These helmets and uniform combo make me respect the Giants more. Even Danny Dimes looks good in these. Hopefully he can hold on to the football while wearing these twice this season.

  • 6. Carolina Panthers Black Helmet

    These are fresh. Any team that can incorporate a black helmet should do so. Carolina will look very intimidating on November 10th when they bust these out on Thursday Night Football against the Atlanta Falcons.

  • Eagles Next Season

    I cannot understand why the Eagles ever left this color scheme in favor of the current one. We’ll have to wait until 2023 to see these puppies.

  • 7. Cincinnati Bengals White Helmet

    They look good… but they’re a little bland. They look like the Siberian Bengals, not the Cincinnati Bengals. I’m sure Joe Cool and the offense will make this look cool, but on the screen they’re kind of meh.

  • 8. New York Jets Black helmet

    I’ve said teams that can go with a black helmet should. But when did black become one of the colors of the Jets? This is a new color with the awful new jerseys. They’re not the ugliest helmets released this year, but they’re not far off.

  • 9. Houston Texans Red Helmets

    They’re ugly, right? This is the one team that completely missed the mark on their alternate helmet. The chrome look on the helmet is a bad look and I blame Oregon for it. It is overused at the college level, and it better not start creeping into my Sundays.

  • Buccaneers Next Season

    I know they were terrible in these threads, but come on. The NFL is a better place- scratch that- the world is a better place when the creamsicles are in rotation for the Bucs. Just a shame we won’t see Tom Brady in them this season. Maybe he’ll stick around for one more year.

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