Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

The 10 F1 teams will embark on Sakhir for testing. And with that, we will get our first look at cars on track. But, the F1 2023 liveries have been announced, and there is an overwhelming theme this year: black. Many of the cars on the grid this year will feature more black than last season, and this is in an effort to reduce weight. Carbon reduces weight and increases the performance of the cars. But aesthetically is takes away from the look of the cars. The biggest change on the grid is Hass. They ditched their blue, red, and white look they’ve had the last 2 seasons for the red, black, and white. Haas is the only American owned team on the grid, but had massive Russian investment that I’m sure added to the Russian looking car. Overall the F1 2023 Liveries disappoint.

6 teams have changed one of their drives from last year to this. Former champion Fernando Alonso moved from Alpine to Aston Martin. French team Alpine has an all French lineup adding Pierre Gasly to Estebon Ocon. Haas has a potentially explosive pairing with Nico Hulkenberg pairing with Kevin Magnussen. There are three rookies on the grid this season. Oscar Piasti is the highest touted, and he is with McLaren after a drawn out saga at the end of 2022. American Logan Sargeant is with Williams- one of the slower cars in the field regularly. And Nyck de Vries, who had 1 drive last season with Williams, is with AlphaTauri. I can’t wait to see the cars on track next week. But heres the F1 2023 liveries ranked.


  • 10. Haas VF-23

    This looks like the basic car you get in the F1 mobile game before you can afford to customize it. There’s just so much black, but that will be a theme.

  • 9. AlphaTauri AT04

    I’ve always really liked the AlphaTauri logo on the back of the car. I don’t hate the car from the above or head on angle. But from the side it’s lost its character with the back and navy blue clashing.

  • 8. McLaren MCL60

    This might be the most disappointing reveal on the grid. I absolutely love McLaren’s orange, but with so much black, the signature color is getting lost. How much did Google have to pay for the logo that takes up half the car?

  • 7. Alpha Romero C43

    I think this looks really good. But apart from the shade of red, they are starting to turn into a Ferrari. The black works here, but I would love for them to incorporate some white to distinguish their car from the Ferrari.

  • 6. Alpine A523

    I really like the Alpine blue. But I am absolutely in love with the pink BWT livery. IF they just ran in the pink this year, they would be much higher on this list.

  • 5. Red Bull RB19

    We always know what we’re going to get with Red Bull’s look. I like the matte navy blue that they have had for the past 5 years or so. We know it will be one of the best performing cars the grid. But it is middle of the field in looks.

  • 4. Aston Martin AMR23

    Not many changes to the livery for Aston Martin. The green sticks out when all the cars are lined up on the grid. I love the neon green accent for Aston Martin too.

  • 3. Williams FW45

    Williams has really fallen off over the last 5 years. The once great racing team has fallen on hard times, but they look the part. They have the least amount of black of any team on the grid. Alpine should take notes from Williams and feature their team color. It will be nice to see this car race, although it will be getting passed most of the time.

  • 2. Mercedes W14

    I’ve been critical of all the black. Not this time. Mercedes always has one of the sleeker looking liveries on the grid. And this season they didn’t disappoint. Mercedes’ form fell off in 2022, hopefully they can find it in 2023.

  • 1. Ferrari SF-23

    It was always the Ferrari. It is the most iconic race car in the world, and they don’t deviate from that. The ONLY thing I would change asthetically is the black square on the side. But Ferrari once again delivered a beautiful car for 2023.

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