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Actress Carrie Fisher was born on this day in 1956. So let’s NERD-OUT and do Princess Leia Trivia on Wiki-Pete-ia on the Shemon and Sheppard Show .

In case you are not fortunate enough to be lucky caller number nine at 239-337-ESPN, then you are in luck!  Play at home and dazzle your family!  Stump your co-workers with useless knowledge!  Amaze your friends with your newfound intelligence!  Below are the actual questions AND ANSWERS heard during Wiki-Pete-ia on our show.

Speaking of nerding out, I cannot think of two bigger nerds that Pete and Chris. They love this kind of geeky minutia about sci-fi and super hero films. So since our phones have been down since the hurricane we have been pitting those two against each other on Wiki-Pete-ia on the Shemon and Sheppard Show.

Carrie Fisher was so popular from her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. But she seemed to have a difficult life, facing numerous substance-based demons. In the end, her life ended too early in 2016, at the age of 60, having suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to LA and died 4 days later.

But let’s remember the good times and do Princess Leia Trivia on Wiki-Pete-ia!

Good luck to you!

Craig Shemon

  • 1. What pop/folk singer was Carrie Fisher married to?

  • A: Paul Simon

  • 2. Where was Princess Leia born?

  • A: Polis Massa

  • 3. What did the plans that Leia programmed into R2-D2 contain?

  • A: The readout to the Death Star

  • 4. Who did Leia rescue Han Solo from?

  • A: Jabba

  • 5. On what planet did Leia duel Darth Vader?

  • A: Mimban

  • 6. Who separated the twins Leia and Luke in order to hide them?

  • A: Obi-Wan, Yoda, Bail Organas

  • 7. What were the names of Leia's firstborn twins?

  • A: Jacen and Jaina Solo

  • 8. Who was Carrie Fisher's real life mom?

  • A: Debbie Reynolds

  • 9. Who proposed to Carrie Fisher on the set of Blues Brothers?

  • A: Dan Aykroyd