If you have been watching the weather, you know Southwest Florida is in the center of a possible hurricane cone. Preparing for approaching storm Hermine is something to consider this weekend. As of right now, it’s still a tropical depression. However, meteorologists expect it become Tropical Storm Hermine this weekend and quite likely a full hurricane. UPDATE: Another storm formed faster and stole the name. TD9 will likely become “Ian”.

Keep checking back and we will keep you updated.

Hurricane Irma

Remember how big Hurricane Irma was five years ago.

Now, if you are a longtime resident, you are probably saying “I got this.” But it never hurts to take inventory of supplies and such.

There are so many new residents to Southwest Florida. If that is you, it is important for you to think ahead a little bit. The big thing here is not to panic. ANYTHING can happen between now and the beginning of next week when the weather is predicted to hit us. Meteorologists tell us the storm can weaken, it can wobble and veer away from us. However, it can strengthen and head right toward our coastline.

So the waiting game begins. Always the fun part. First thing is first, double check basic supplies that you might need if the power goes out. Next, check the supplies for a hurricane party. It’s a right of passage for Floridians.

Preparing for approaching storm Hermine is pretty easy. Click here for our official Hurricane Guide. Check for storm updates here.

And finally, scroll down for some quick and dirty supply tip reminders.

  • Batteries

    Make sure the batteries in your flashlights work. Also in your portable radios so you can stay connected to us if the power goes out.

  • Non-perishable foods

    This includes things liked canned foods, peanut butter, granola bars and such. Also, if you have kids or babies, make sure you have enough formula on hand.

  • Water

    The recommendation for clean drinking water, just in case, is one gallon per day per family member. You can always fill jugs and pitchers you have if the storm gets closer and you don’t have enough. Or fill your sinks with water.

  • Gas up

    Another precaution in case you are without power for any length of time. Fill those generators and top off the tank of your car as the storm gets closer.

  • Tidy up

    It’s a good chance you might need to do this anyway. Pick up random things lying around your yard or house. They can become missiles in strong winds.

  • Hurricane Guide

  • After you've prepared, enjoy these weekend events and activities.

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