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MUNICH, GERMANY - DECEMBER 01: Norwegian pop band a-ha arrives for the 57th annual Bambi Awards at the International Congress Center on December 01, 2005 in Munich, Germany.(Photo by Jan Pitman/Getty Images)

Ok everyone..Dog days of summer are here..This is my own personal Top 5 One Hit Wonders list..I know there might be another song here or there for some of these artists but just have fun with it and enjoy the videos!!..There are hundreds of others to choose from and some of you may have never even heard this songs before but they all made the radio at some point in my life and even though I don’t here them at all anymore on the radio, I like listening to them again from time to time…Enjoy…

  • The Sun Always Shines on TV........ A-Ha

    Yes!!..Although I like “Take on Me”, I like this song even better!!..Didn’t get much air-play back in the day but I still think it’s their best song

  • Send Me An Angel.........Real Life

    Always loved this song!!..Sort of creepy but great video from this 80’s one hit wonder

  • Gary "U.S." Bonds......This Little Girl

    Love this song from the Jacksonville, Florida native!!


  • Cherry Baby..........Starz

    Bought this 45 record when I was 10..It was all yellow!!..Awesome underrated tune!!


  • Fox On The Run.....Sweet

    Could listen to this one on a continued loop all day!!!..Can’t believe this tune doesn’t get more air play even in this day and age..It was also part of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack!!