The Escambia County Sheriff Department has released body cam footage of Deputy Hollingsworth coming to the aid of a stranded motorist near Highway 98 which runs through Pensacola. This was during one of the many torrential rains we’ve seen across Florida lately. Not just in the panhandle, but down through Tampa and into Southwest Florida. We’ve all seen significant rain.

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Department describes the event which happened on June 16th.

“Escambia County Deputy William Hollingsworth was on patrol and helping stranded motorists caught in rapidly rising waters. At one point, Deputy Hollingsworth exited his patrol car to approach a citizen who was trapped in these rising waters. As he approached, Deputy Hollingsworth witnessed the citizen go underwater and rushed to his aid without regard for his own safety. During the rescue attempt, both the citizen and Deputy Hollingsworth were sucked into a drainage pipe and were swept underneath the four-lane roadway of Hwy 98. They were submerged for approximately 30 seconds and traveled nearly 100 feet underwater. They eventually resurfaced on the other end of the roadway – lucky to be alive.”

Pensacola has a LOT of rain last weekend, but c’mon. You’d never expect to sucked down into a storm drain. But to come out alive? Even more remarkable. The Sheriff does an intro, the body cam footage starts at around 1 minute.

  • Insane

  • How are they still alive?

    They were submerged for about 30 seconds and traveled nearly 100 feet. I understand how the man was praying when he popped out on the other side. Also, thanks to Sheriff Chip Simmons I now know how to properly pronounce “Escambia.”

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