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Patrick Reed is not a liked figure in the world of golf. At first it felt like Reed was just an easy mark. But over the last few months, he is starting to show his true colors. And they’re pretty ugly. Reed is back in the news after Rory and him had a dust up (by golf terms) on the driving range of the Dubai Desert Classic this week. Rory later told reporters that Reed subpoenaed him on Christmas Eve. Not exactly a way to endear yourself to someone. News has come out since that there was an attempt for Patrick Reed  to sue Tiger Woods. Dylan Dethier with Golf Magazine was the first to report on this news.

Larry Klayman

Court documents show that the Tiger subpoena is in relation to LIV Golf’s lawsuit against the PGA Tour. The connection to Patrick Reed is the Process Server handing out the subpoenas; Katelyn Miller. And the plaintiff in the case, which is “Larry Klayman and members of the putative class” aka Patrick Reed by all accounts.

Don’t Mess with Tiger

Like Patrick, Rory has been a divisive character is golf going back to his critical comments about golf in the Olympics. He said that it’s not his job to grow the game and he would participate in the Olympics because it’s not something he grew up dreaming of. But this is Eldrick “Tiger” Woods we’re talking about. This guys did more for the game of golf that anyone outside of maybe Arnold Palmer. You don’t mess with Tiger. I think even less of of him now that Patrick Reed tried to sue Tiger Woods.