(Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

Sorry about the lame cover image, there’s a lot of rules I have to follow when it comes to images in college sports. Ok, chalk this up as one of the weirder ways to score a run in baseball. The player who accomplished this feat is Notre Dame ‘s Jack Brannigan. Jack has now stolen home 3 times in his collegiate career, but this is probably the most interesting way to do it.

On Tuesday night, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame beat Northwestern 14-4, but the fun part of the story was what occurred in the third inning. According to Brobible, “With two outs, a 2-2 count and Brannigan on third, the Northwestern pitcher was taking his time getting set on the mound.Β  Reacting to the slow pace of play, Brannigan took off toward home plate and tried to steal a run. But he tripped almost immediately after getting his jump and fell to the ground.”

Rather than give up, Jack kept heading towards home on all fours, diving across home and beating the throw to the plate. He did come up with a slight limp after the play. Hopefully that’s more to embarrassment than an actual injury.

  • A run is a run.


  • The Irish won the game


  • And now are heading to Miami