Almost three weeks into 2023 and if you’re not seeing results from New Year’s fitness goals, here is some help. The beginning of January is the time when many of you embark on more healthful habits. For some, it is dry January, no drinking alcohol. For others, it’s getting back into the gym or starting a new fitness routine.  I have friends who are trying to meet goals not just for their health, but also for vanity.

One of them has a milestone birthday this year and they don’t want to look their age. Another has a big class reunion and she wants the men to drool. Yet another has a wedding and wants to fit into his tux again. Whatever your reasons for getting into shape or better health, nothing sucks worse than making herculean efforts, and not seeing any results.

The folks at Fitness Volt say if you just tweak a couple of things, you might see the needles of improvement move faster.

Workout Goals
Help with fitness goals

The first question they ask is one that can be hard to answer. Are you pushing yourself hard enough? It’s so easy to do the same thing day after day. You get stuck in a routine that your body gets comfortable with and is no longer challenged by. As you build your strength and resilience to weights and cardio, you need to push a little more to keep improving. If you don’t, you will plateau. If you are coming up with your own routines, perhaps it is time to invest in a trainer, even if it’s just for a short month or two. Nothing is more frustrating than putting in the time, and not seeing any results.

If that is where you are, we are here to offer some ideas to help get you over the hump. Here are the top five reasons you’re likely not seeing results from New Year’s fitness goals.

  • Neglecting Sleep

    If you’re not getting enough sleep, not only will you lack energy for your workouts and be unable to reach your full performance potential, you also risk injury. Muscles release amino acids that build protein into the bloodstream during sleep which allows them to grow and recover, meaning you can get back to exercising sooner; aim for around 7-9 hours of sleep each night.
    fitness goals

  • Not consuming enough protein

    Protein is an essential nutrient in your diet for both building muscle and losing weight. It’s recommended to consume around 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight for optimal results. Consider adding foods like chicken, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and walnuts to your diet which are all high in protein. Protein shakes are also good on the go. 

    Fitness Goals

  • Skipping Food Before your workout

    Eating before a workout is vital, even if yours is early in the morning. Carbohydrates in particular will give your body the fuel it needs; whole-grain cereals or whole-wheat toast with some fruit. However, stick to a small portion size so that you don’t feel sluggish for your workout.

    fitness goals

  • Not letting your body rest

    Over-exercising leads your body to exhaustion, thus affecting your performance when working out and preventing you from building strength. Not to mention, letting your body recover helps to avoid injuries.  Three rest days a week is generally the recommended amount

    workout goals


  • Not Warming up

    Warming up activates muscles and prepares the body for exercise. Get blood flowing into your body by jogging or mobility routines to activate joints that will be most used in your workout. If you’re weightlifting, warm up by practicing the exercise with no weight. It will help with your form, too.

    fitness goals

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