It’s Wine Wednesday. But instead of looking at traditional wine today, I thought it would be good timing to check out some non-alcoholic wines  for Dry January. Dry January allegedly began as a public health initiative in the UK. People were invited to sign up to participate in the challenge to give up alcohol for the month.

Dry January

These non-alcoholic bubbles were pretty impressive for Dry January

Why Dry January

It has since been embraced by people around the world wanting a a diet reset of sorts after the holiday season. The holidays are known for indulgences and well, lets face it, over indulgences. Damp January has been coined for those who don’t want to completely abstain from drinking. However, they do want to cut back, perhaps choose wine and spirits that are lower in alcohol.

For those who still want the ceremony of pouring a glass of wine with dinner or at a party, or popping the top of a beer while watching football, there are lots of non-alcoholic options. Unfortunately, many of them just don’t taste good.

While out to dinner recently, a friend in the beverage business pulled out a selection of Thomas & Scott Noughty wines for me to try. I admit, I may’ve rolled my eyes at first. However, always up to try something new, grabbed a glass.

Winery founder Amanda Thomson is getting high marks and praise around the globe for these. The wines are made from organic grapes. Many of the non-alcoholic varieties I’ve tried have this kind of viscous after taste. However, her sparkling chardonnay did not. It’s probably the closest thing to regular wine that I’ve tried. It was a great surprise and one I’d definite put on my list if I were participating in Dry January.

Here is another on the list to try, of non-alcoholic wines for Dry January and Wine Wednesday.

  • Badass Mom

    Badass Mom is a line of sparkling wines. They come in mini’s which is nice and they are pretty good, a little sweet with flavors of almonds on the finish. The brand was created by a mom who didn’t want to give up her bubbles when she was pregnant. Here is her story.

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