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Don’t know why this idea popped into my head earlier today but it has.. Plenty of stuff to talk about in sports later today on the Shemon and Sheppard Show.  However, nothing strikes up more of a debate on our show and text line like when we bring up any food subject.  Today I give you my Top 5 Hostess snacks of all time!!  I base it first and foremost on taste, looks, marketability and the ability to open the package cleanly without having to bite the plastic.  I always hated having to do that.  I still do no matter what the product, but I digress.

When I was growing up in Warwick and then mostly in Narragansett, RI and the son of a dentist, getting Hostess snacks in our home from time to time for after dinner dessert or to bring to school for a snack the next day were far and few between. My dad, God rest his soul, was not opposed to having some sweets in the house(he actually loved Mr. Goodbar’s but that’s for another time).  We frequently had either Oreo’s, Chip A’Hoy’s and other cookies around from time to time.  My mom was such an incredible baker, there was always a ton of home made cookies and cakes made from scratch in our home.  I wasn’t a fan of sugar cereals back then and really I’m still not.  My sister Andrea was and I believe still is a huge fan of cereals like Apple Jacks and Fruit Loops  She used to actually drink the milk from the bowl after finishing her cereal.  It did and still does gross me out and I don’t know why.  I was basically a plain Rice Crispies  and Cheerios kind of guy.

Here are my top five Hostess snacks of all time.  Granted, some may not exist anymore but they did “back in my day“.  They may not be yours, but I don’t care. LOL.  Everybody has their own favorites.  I realize that most of these snacks are loaded with chemicals and are not healthy for you in any way, shape or form.  That’s not what this post is about.  If you want to debate the nutritional value of Hostess snacks, you have come to the wrong place.  Ok, enough pedantic blathering.  Here we go!!


  • Cup Cakes

    Always loved these. However if I couldn’t bring one from home, I very rarely would get them out of any vending machine at school unless they looked fresh. How could you tell? I would look and see if the little squiggly frosting design on top was still white and hadn’t started to turn into the icky looking gold/brown/stale look. One of my “powers”

  • Twinkies

    You simply can’t have a top 5 Hostess all time snack list and not include the Twinkie. Later in life I discovered the “deep fried” Twinkie.  WOW!!  But for the sake of this piece, the classic will do.

    Stop laughing you sicko’s!!


  • Ding Dongs

    I know, I know.  Some of you are saying “Well, Ding Dongs are just like Cupcakes right?”..Wrong!!..Ding Dongs are totally covered in chocolate frosting or some chemical equivalent and have more chemical cream inside.  Is it better than the Cup Cake?  Up for debate.

  • Ho Ho's

    Yes, this is the Hostess version of Drakes “Yodels” which I also like. But for the purpose of this post I love Ho’s

  • Suzy Q

    It was a tough call to make it into my top 5 but Suzy Q just edged out the classic Hostess Apple Pie..Why? More chemicals in Suzy Q.  The Hostess Apple Pie actually used “real” fruit.  I don’t need that in any of my unwholesome snacks.  If I want an apple pie I will buy a real apple pie not a semi-fake Hostess one. Although I do like them.