Well, it finally happened!  My new 70 inch Smart TV arrived yesterday which included every single app known to man automatically installed.  I am beyond orgasmic!  You kids all know the running joke on the Shemon and Sheppard Show is that I watch way too much television.  That’s only partly true and I’ll explain my reasons if you  haven’t heard already.

It starts about 6:30am.

I usually am up at this time each and every day, including weekends.  It’s just how my bodily clock has functioned the past few years.  I only get and or need about 6 hours sleep a night and I’m fine.  Some, like Craig, thinks that’s nuts because he needs like 11 hours but I digress.  Once up the TV goes on.

I’ve had Xfinity for the past 5 plus years since moving to SWFL and was extremely satisfied but that service was not offered in the community I recently moved to in Ft. Myers.  Last night when I got home to my new baby, after doing extensive research, decided to go with “YouTube TV” with the extended sports package .  Great choice by me!

SportsCenter on ESPN is first up.  While I’m making breakfast for me and the wife, which I usually do every morning, it’s how I begin prepping for our show.  After a couple of hour’s time flipping between SportsCenter and CBS Sports Network’s morning show which is also very good, I’m usually ready to go. I am also looking at Twitter at this time and jotting down any notes/subjects I think will be good for the show.  I will text Craig and Chris if I see anything crazy.

10AM..TV goes off usually

Now I’m in full prep mode on my laptop perusing various sports and entertainment sites for purposes of using on the show.  Most of you know by now that we don’t ever do straight sports or very rarely for a a full 4 hour show.

There is usually some discussion about tv or movies and other silly stuff.  Our audience really relates to that and we love it.  We often hear on the the text/caller line “We love it when the show gets derailed”.  It’s a natural process and never planned.

11am-noon during football season tv goes back on

This is Pro Football Talk time for me with Mike Florio and Chris Simms.  The show is on Peacock part of the NBC Sports Network and was free on Xfinity and is part of my new YouTube TV package.  The reason I love this show and watch it mostly every day is that they are willing to tackle NFL subjects that ESPN and NFL Network won’t touch.

Nighttime TV is awesome!

Here’s where the fun begins.  I get home from the station about 6:25pm every night.  I usually exchange pleasantries with my wife and then politely ask her if I can change the channel to SEC Network.  She is nowhere near the TV freak that I am and works from home.  She does enjoy old reruns of “Two and a Half Men”.  We might sit outside for a bit with a cocktail with Paul Finebaum’s last 30 minutes on in the background.  The callers are hysterical.

Obviously between 7-10pm is game time.  Yes, hard to believe but prepping for the next day’s show means watching and or DVR’ing  a lot of games in all sports during the week during this particular time.  I love it.  When this time is over, I usually watch during football “College Football Live”  on ESPN which is DVR’d everyday.

11pm-1am   This is prime Pete TV time

Here is where I get caught up on all my shows.  It’s either Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Paramount Plus, AMC, Food Network, Plex and God only knows what else.  I absolutely refuse to watch any network tv shows with commercials no way.  A few of the shows I watch anyway are on Hulu the next day without commercials.  Heaven!

Final Word on My New 70 Inch Smart TV

Here are my “non” sports shows or series that I’ve watched recently or am currently watching.  You should too, lol.  These are listed in no particular order

Better Call Saul-AMC

Stranger Things-Netflix

The Boys-Amazon

HandMaid’s Tale-Season 5-Hulu-coming shortly

Chopped-Food Network

Beat Bobby Flay-Food Network

MasterChef Jr/Master Chef-Fox/Hulu(next day no spots)

Family Guy-Fox/Hulu(again, next day, no spots, my great escape)

There are many others but having my new awesome 70 inch Smart Tv with my new sound bar is absolutely an incredible viewing experience!  Oh and yes I do get some exercise in during the week. Swimming, golf and walking the dog mostly.  Well, there is my day in a nutshell!!..Are you exhausted?  Well, I have a sleep app for you too!!










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