What’s with Waffle House lately? I keep looking, but we’re not seeing any really good fight scenes. Now to be clear, I’m not looking for people to get hurt, but I miss the craziness. Last month in Virginia a woman got shot, but there’s no video of the fight. Also, like I said, we’re not looking for people to get hurt. Just Waffle House fight video craziness. Especially Florida Waffle House craziness – my favorite.

So what’s My Favorite Waffle House Fight Video?

Before we get to that, maybe here’s some insight on why we’ve seeing less fight videos. The Waffle House employees are fed up. Not just with the fights, but with their situation. They want $25/hr, pay, security in all stores, an end to mandatory meal deductions. The third demand is the one that caught me. So they have to pay for a meal whether or not they eat at the restaurant? I’ve worked at many restaurants and pizza places and I don’t recall ever paying for a meal. Sure, there were some hard nosed bosses that said you needed to pay for food, but we always found a way around that. At Waffle House it’s automatically taken from your check.

So maybe there’s some compassion for the employees right now. They really do go through a lot. So I’ll put my favorite Waffle House fight video below. And no one got hurt in the video. If you’re at work, watch the sound. There’s a LOT of words in these videos that could get you in trouble with HR.

First, since it’s the holiday season, let’s check some of the runner-ups.


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