Can you guess the most popular Christmas Candy in Florida? The folks at Candy Store did the the research, and spoiler alert, it’s not candy canes. In fact the popularity of candy canes is on the decline this year according to their numbers.

The beloved red and white striped candy lost four #1 spots this year. In New York they were replaced by Snickers and in New Hampshire M&M’s now sit on the candy throne. Candy canes have even been found on the list of WORST Christmas candy for some states.

Apparently, people don’t like the wrapping of candy canes. In addition,  the fact that they are one long piece is not pleasing to some. They can get messy to rewrap if you can’t or don’t want to finish one. Fun fact. Switzerland is home to the largest candy cane in the world. A giant 51 feet long.

Going back to that “worst” Christmas candy list, Christmas Nougat is number one. It is followed by Reindeer Corn. This red, white and green candy is the Christmas version of Halloween candy corn.

Most popular Christmas candy

Candy, sweets, and desserts, are a big part of the holidays. 93% of people gift some kind of chocolates and candies this time of the year. Some 150 million chocolate Santa Clause candies are in the stores this year. However, they are not the most popular for Floridians.

Christmas Candy

This could be a surprise for some, however, Snickers is tops in the Sunshine State for stocking stuffing.

Snickers are the most popular Christmas Candy in Florida. Reeces Cup Minis are second in the Sunshine State. We love our chocolate here. Here are some more fun facts about sweets this holiday season.

  • Snickers rule

    Florida is not the only state with residents preferring Snickers for Christmas time. So do folks  living in  Washington DC, Georgia,  New York and Vermont.

  • Losing steam

    Christmas candyBesides candy canes, peppermint bark is also slowing down in popularity according to this survey. Apparently last year it picked up three #1 spots. However, this year it lost a whopping six top spots.

  • New to the holiday scene

    Kit Kats! They’ve never scored a #1 spot until this year. People in Massachusetts and Oklahoma apparently prefer KitKats at Christmas. Interestingly, both states had candy canes at #1 last year.

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