Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Could Mike McDaniel be on the hot seat after just one season? It would be a harsh decision, but we know the lengths Stephen Ross will go to have a winning team. Mike McDaniel looked to be in the Coach of the Year running at the half way point of the season. But since a 8-3 start, the Dolphins have dropped their last 5, and suddenly there is some smoke around McDaniel’s job security. The Dolphins still have a realistic chance at getting into the playoffs. All they need to do is beat the Jets at home, and have the Bills beat the Patriots. Both games are on Sunday at 1 p.m. There is one big reason why McDaniel’s job security is being put into question… actually two: Sean Peyton and Tom Brady.

Peyton and Brady

The Miami Dolphins are without their 1st round pick this spring. The NFL found that Stephen Ross had tampered with both Peyton and Brady. Tua and McDaniel are the owners second choice. Well, now that Peyton is unemployed and Brady is set to be a free agent, there’s reason to speculate. The noise is just a smolder right now. But should the Fins lose to the Jets and get knocked out on a 6 game losing streak, McDaniel should worry. There is no doubt that Mike McDaniel is on the hot seat. But fortunately the ball is in his proverbial court.  Show the franchise that you are the guy to take the team to the playoffs. We can worry about getting a playoff win after punching the ticket.

Stephen Ross

This would be one of the dumbest moves the Dolphins could make. Sure, maybe you land Sean Peyton and Tom Brady. But what is the alternative? You become the team that has fired a coach in each of the last two seasons. There won’t be very many coaches willing to work with the organization moving forward. Mike McDaniel is not a perfect coach. I’m positive he would like to rewind the hands of time and make different decisions. Like running the ball more against the Bills. And maybe 2 years from now he deserves to be on the hot seat. But not after one season. If Stephen Ross decides to move on from Mike McDaniel, he will immediately become the second worst owner in the league. Only behind Daniel Snyder.

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