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Mike McDaniel is the best coach the Miami Dolphins have had since Don Shula. I don’t think that is a hot take when comparing him to Adam Gase, Joe Philbin, and Brian Flores. McDaniel has lifted the Miami Dolphins offense from a laughing stock in 2021 to one of the best in the league in 2022. Tua has elevated his game under McDaniel to MVP caliber. The Dolphins have gone from 307 yards per game last year to 386.7. They have increased their scoring from 20.1 points per game to 25.8. And the passing game averaged just 214.8 yards per game in 2021 compared to 291.1 in 2022- good enough for 2nd best in the league through the air. Mike McDaniel had an explosive offense in San Francisco, and brought that with him to Miami Gardens this season.

He doesn’t look or sound like an NFL coach. His small build, quit voice, and overall corky look does not scream “leader of men”. But that is exactly what he is. Since day 1 in Miami, McDaniel has built up his players and put them in positions to win. Mike Vrabel looks like an NFL coach, Mike Tomlin sounds like an NFL coach. But whatever McDaniel has done behind the scenes has worked. And his unique sound is starting to captivate the Miami Dolphins fan base. I think I speak for all Fins fans when I say: “we love him”. He has recently has some audio from the sideline released, and his personality is starting to permeate through this team. Mike McDaniel is the best coach the Dolphins have had in a very long time. Here are some video of Mike McDaniel being Mike McDaniel.