(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Actually, that’s a pretty reasonable reaction. Raul Bolufe is a real estate investor in Miami and in the videos he posted, he’s informing a tenant that her rent is going up from $1,100 to $2,500 a month. I gotta ask where in Miami you’re living where you can rent for $1,000 a month. Florida rents have been skyrocketing. But the way this guy informs her of the increase is next level douche.

He posted the videos of the call. If this woman is paying $1,100 a month, there is no way (legally) that she’s gonna be able to suddenly come up with $2,500 a month. And he knew it. He recorded the phone call just to get her reaction. And it worked. His 3  Tik Tok videos have over 5 million views. So he’s making money on the property, and now he’ll get a check from Tik Tok for all the views.

Taking a look at the comments, some side with Raul. There’s no way the woman could expect to continue to pay $1,100 a month in Miami. But one thing most commenters agree on was the way he did it. I get it, it’s a business. But it’s also people’s lives. Here’s the 3 videos he posted.

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