This is one of those things I stumbled upon that I needed to check several sources to make sure it’s not a joke. Nope. It’s not. Miami has a plan to build a ‘homeless island’, a legit small town for people experiencing homelessness. Too stupid to be true? I thought so too.

Miami Herald

NBC Miami

So yes, as dumb as this sounds, they are absolutely serious. And if this sounds somewhat familiar, I’ll get to that in a minute. If the plan goes through, it calls for for the construction of 50 to 100 “tiny homes” on Virginia Key, an 863-acre barrier island off the coast. According to Newsnationow: “Commissioners are calling the idea a “transition zone” and the plan would provide housing, food, showers, and even outreach services for some of Miami’s homeless population.” “In my opinion, this is not an encampment that is going to be a concentration camp,” said Commissioner Manolo Reyes. “Nobody’s forcing anybody.”

Homeless Island would be remote

Although in sight of the city, the homeless island would be remote with no access to grocery stores or jobs. It’s 2 miles away from public transportation. Although the plan is to run electricity to the area, there’s  no services or security and being an island off the coast of Miami – mosquitos are a BIG problem. And currently there’s an outdoor center on Virginia Key with a summer camp for kids. And the people who run the camp aren’t too keen on the idea. According to NBC Miami: “There is a petition going around to stop the city from building the homeless camp in the park. But the city says it’s moving forward with the pilot program. “

  • Now here's why the idea of a Homeless Island May Sound Familiar - Star Trek

    They are following the timeline of ‘Star Trek”. In particular, Deep Space 9 which aired from January 3, 1993 to June 2, 1999. Change the name “Homeless Island” to “Sanctuary Zone” and we are right on track for the 2024 Bell riots. Star Trek lore is well documented on the website Memory Alpha. Here’s the direct quote on what Star Trek called the Bell Riots:

    “By the 2020s, the American government – reacting to serious problems of homelessness and unemployment – created special Sanctuary Districts (essentially walled-off sections of the city grid) in most major cities. Unfortunately – while established with the benevolent intent of providing free housing and food, as well as prospects for future employment – the Sanctuaries quickly degenerated into inhumane internment camps for the poor. Even though people with criminal records were not allowed inside Sanctuaries, it didn’t take long for the homeless and unemployed to be joined by the mentally ill and other, more violent, social outcasts. These groups were referred to by their slang terms – gimmiesdims, and ghosts.

    By late 2024, the twenty square blocks that made up Sanctuary District A had become overcrowded slums. With the records of people inside the Sanctuaries not uploaded to the planetary computer network (and therefore not accessible using an Interface), the true conditions inside were unknown to the general public. American society believed that, despite the political upheaval affecting Europe at the time, the United States was stable and had found a way to successfully deal with the social problems that had been the genesis of the Sanctuaries. An “out of sight, out of mind” mentality had set in. People in the district started to believe that their needs were forgotten.” “Early in the morning of September 1st, a fight between a guard and a dim sparked a riot.”

    Star Trek was always ahead of it’s time. Star Trek communicators turned into real life cell phones. Phasers became stun guns. They had ipads, universal translators, video chatting, touch screens. So what Star Trek called “Sanctuary Districts” has a real possibility of coming true in Miami.

  • Homeless Island could be a prelude to something much much worse.

    Let’s stick with our Star Trek lore. Up next, World War 3. That happens from 2026-2053. Western Alliance vs Eastern Coalition. A limited nuclear war. Following along, it’s actually a nuclear war, two wars over eugenics, something Q hinted at as being some kind drug fueled war of savages, and then after iirc earth was subject to a few raids by space pirates until about 15 years later, that’s where Cochrane develops the Phoenix.

  • I'm not saying Miami shipping their homeless off to Virginia Key will cause World War 3

    I’m not saying that. Star Trek did.

  • And the story just took another turn

    Did this really get worse? Watch this:


  • The Virginia key outdoor center is now ‘temporarily closed’.

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