Tom Brady retired from football this week and one Miami Florida woman is looking to capitalize. Tom shot the retirement video on Surfside Beach in Miami. That’s near his home. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s posted on all his socials but I’m not going to bore you with that because it’s old news. Here’s the story. This is where it gets weird.

A woman who goes by betrcaroline on Tik Tok has found the spot where Tom made his retirement video in Miami. In her video, she’s seen scooping the sand into a bag, the same bag that’s now on Ebay. As of Saturday morning the high bid is $99,900.

To the bidder, what are you going to do with a bag of sand? Maybe if she got Tom to autograph it there’d be something there. However,  it’s just a bag of sand. Do you open it? Do you smell it? What’s the plan here?

Apparently there’s been some knock off postings happening and the Miami Florida woman is pretty heated about it. I mean, she took the time to scoop sand in a bag, she should get paid. Right? I saw a couple of mason jars of sand that make the Tom Brady claim. It’s sand!

Here’s her videos she used to document her collection of the Tom Brady Butt Sand. People are weird.

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