Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Netflix has figured out how they are going to cover sports. Their ability to tell stories through documentaries is phenomenal. Johnny Manziel is the topic of the newest topic in the “Untold” series. After watching the documentary I remembered just how great Johnny Football was in College Station, and it’s easy to put together a list of Johnny Manziel’s greatest plays. It’s easy to remember the disaster that was his time in Cleveland with the Browns. But watching the highlights from his Freshman Heisman Trophy winning season was a blast from the past. It clearly changed the mindset that Manziel had moving forward. But that 2013 season for Texas A&M was a special one for Aggies fans.

I forgot that Johnny’s Freshman season was the first year Texas A&M played in the SEC. Beating Alabama in Tuscaloosa propelled Manziel not just into the sports spotlight, but the entertainment world. By the time he was a Sophomore, Johnny was basically checked out and didn’t want to be in College Station any more. But looking at Johnny Manziel’s greatest plays at Texas A&M still gives me goosebumps. Unfortunately Johnny was never going to work in the NFL because of his work ethic. At the end of the documentary Johnny’s former agent says he could have been great had he applied himself. It’s shocking that a quarterback that goes in the first round of the NFL Draft could spend zero time studying the playbook. But somehow Manziel thought it would work out for him. Here are Johnny Manziel’s greatest plays.


  • Backtrack and completion @ Alabama

    This has got to be the most spectacular 10-yard completion ever. He avoided being sacked at least 3 times and was 26-yards behind the line of scrimmage when he released the ball.

  • Johnny Houdini

    This is the play that everybody remembers from Johnny’s Heisman Trophy winning season. This is still one of the most significant results in the SEC over the last decade.

  • Amazing 50-yard run @ SMU

    Johnny looked like Lamar Jackson or Tyreek Hill breaking tackles on this run. You can throw it away and say it was just SMU. I don’t subscribe to that nonsense though.

  • Eludes the Sack and gets the 1st vs LSU

    It was just a first down run. But it wasn’t just any first down run. These were the plays that drove opposing fans bases crazy. You think you’ve got him bottled up and then he’s gone.

  • Avoids 3 sacks and throws a TD

    I’m starting to feel bad for the defenders. Three different defenders had a shot a Manziel and right before he runs for the score, he finds an open receiver for the easy throw.

  • Good luck Duke

    Calling this a “broken tackle” just doesn’t do it justice. He was wrapped up and had this been in the NFL he might have been ruled down. And going up against Duke doesn’t seem like a fair fight.

  • Some more plays

    SEC Network put together his top 5 plays in 2012. You’re welcome.

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