It can be stressful. It can be confusing. Should I tip my UPS delivery person? How about a gift for my kid’s tutor? In an effort to make things a little bit easier, we’ve put together a holiday tipping guide.

Inflation certainly has taken a toll on the livelihood of many. A lot of people are looking forward to holiday tips more than ever. However, many people giving are also feeling the pinch. In addition, there is Hurricane Ian. So many people have lost so much. Tipping is just a drop in the bucket.

Holiday tipping

How much money should you tuck in a Christmas or holiday card for your mail carrier or hair dresser?

How and who to tip

It’s impossible to tip everyone. To help you narrow down the list, think first of the people who make life easier for you on a daily, weekly, or  monthly basis. Or just generally speaking.  Is there anyone who goes out of their way to help you? Holiday tipping is a way for you to express gratitude.

It’s easier than shopping for presents too. Just get a single, or several, crisp bills. Then get some kind of holiday or thank you card. A brief inscription is all you need.  A simple ‘Thank you for ______ .” Finally, seal it and hand it over.

Amazon has apparently addressed the tipping issue for their drivers. We have a story about it here. The problem for me when it comes to tipping delivery drivers is that I rarely have the same one anymore. Even so, UPS, FedEx, and US Postal workers are not supposed to accept cash. In addition, there are some cities that don’t allow cash tips for sanitation workers.

While this might not cover everyone in your circle, here is a general holiday tipping guide for the season.

  • People who take care of you kids

    For the babysitter, a tip that would equal the amount of a typical day or night service. For the nanny, experts suggest a week of salary.

    No tipping for coaches or teachers. If you want to show appreciation, a small gift would do or even a group gift with other parents. When it comes to tutors, officials recommend only tipping those who are doing it on their own, as a small business.

  • People who take care of your pets

    The people who take care of your pets could be on your list to tip.  Do you have a great groomer or a dog walker? If you are wondering what amount to tip, the cost of a service would be typical.


  • People who take care of you

    This is can be a long list. Some of these people might include your hairdresser, nail technician, massage therapist, personal trainer, etc. The general rule would be to tip the cost of one service. However, that is just a guideline.

    If you have a housekeeper, the guidelines are similar. Tip the amount of a service. This can increase depending on how often they come by.

  • Others to consider

    You might want to tip the landscapers or pool cleaners. If you live in a building with a desk staff, doorman, or maintenance worker, $25 is considered a minimum standard. Same for your newspaper delivery person.

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