Some days you just need a good laugh. To help out today, we’ve put together five of the funniest Family Feud television moments for TikTok Tuesday. Family Feud is a classic game show that has been around for decades. It pits two groups of family members against each other answering questions derived from a variety of surveys. The phrase “Survey Says” is from the show and has become a pop culture favorite.
Family Feud Steve Harvey

The current show is hosted by comedian Steve Harvey. His expressions alone are sometimes enough to make people bust out in laughter. He also has a way of pushing the envelope with his guests just enough.

Funniest Family Feud Television Moments

It is undeniable that Steve Harvey is funny. However, his guests steal the spotlight all of the time. Or perhaps it is his reaction to their responses that is so funny. I think it’s more likely that perfect combination of both.

I must click on a lot of comedian’s videos on social media. They seem to populate often, crossing my TikTok feed a lot. I’ve put five of them together for you to check out here. All of them are from Family Feud. There were so many, it was hard to pick just five. The good news is you do NOT need to have an account to watch the videos. They play directly from this site. Simply scroll down and hit play.

Enjoy these top five funniest Family Feud television moments for TikTok Tuesday.

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