We are right in the middle of summer vacation season. All week, I’ve been offering travel tips to help make life easier if you are flying. Here are some good airline hacks for comfort and convenience. And here you will find a few tips for sleeping at altitude. One of the things I’m dealing this week is jet lag. It is real and can occur anytime you travel between time zones. Whether you are headed out west, to Europe, South America or anywhere outside of the Eastern Standard time zone. Here are four ways to beat jet lag this summer.

Jet lag is inevitable if you are traveling a long distance. However, you don’t have to suffer for days if you are mindful and try a few of these tricks.

Feet in the sand

Ground yourself in nature to help with jet lag.

Most of these tips come from ComfyNorth, and founder Alex Savy. It is a blog that gives advice on sleep and sleep products. However, I have one of my own to add. It’s a little more ethereal but I think it works. Ground yourself in the spot you land. Put your feet in the sand, in the grass, the water. Hug a tree? Sure, why not. Holistic health experts around the world believe in using the earth’s natural energy to fight fatigue among other things. You will probably want to take those shoes off anyway after a long flight. So consider this a two for one.

Everyone is different and while these tips won’t completely eliminate jet lag, they can significantly reduce its impact. Savy says, “Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.” Try these four ways to beat jet lag this summer and stay refreshed and ready to go.

  • Gradually adjust your schedule

    A big key to jetlag is adjusting your internal body clock to the new time zone. This begins before you leave. If you are traveling east, for instance, try going to bed one hour earlier each day. The opposite if you are flying west. Challenging but not out of the question.

    woman sleeping with an eye mask

    Adjusting when you sleep before you travel can help with jet lag

  • Stay hydrated

    Hydration is another key. The dry cabin air in long flights dehydrates us. Dehydration makes us foggy, fatigued and more. Besides drinking lots of water, try to avoid alcohol and caffeine during flights.

    woman looking at a cup of coffee

    Wait for the coffee until you hit the ground and need a boost

  • Rest during the flight

    This is hard for many people. See my story yesterday for tips on sleeping on a plane. Use eye masks, noise canceling head phones and even medication that can help you relax. Click here for more ideas on sleeping.

  • Light exposure

    Savy also swears by the power of light exposure in resetting our internal body clocks. Natural light exposure can help realign your circadian rhythm with the local time.

    blurred sunshine

    Sunshine helps reset the body

  • Happy travels this summer!

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