A brunch spread at a hotel with waffles, sausage, blueberries, chocolate covered strawberries.

Florida’s Favorite Brunch Cocktail at Sunday brunch. A popular weekend event for most people that involves a combination of breakfast and lunch food options and is often accompanied with fun cocktails like mimosas or Bloody Mary’s. With so many options to choose from, Shane Co. set out to determine which brunch cocktail is the most popular in every state by utilizing Google Trends search volume.

In this study, they used Google Trends search volume to analyze a total of 39 search terms to find the most popular brunch cocktail over the past five years. They also analyzed which is the most popular juice to use in mimosas, along with an analysis of which well-known brunch cocktail reigns supreme in the U.S., the mimosa or Bloody Mary.

A Sunday brunch in Florida is only complete with a cocktail in hand – the question is, which one?

  • Florida’s favorite brunch cocktail is Mojito.

    There is quite a bit of diversity when it comes to the most popular brunch cocktail in every state, but the screwdriver was ranked the most popular overall with a combined total of 14 states. Similar to a mimosa, a screwdriver has orange juice but substitutes vodka instead of champagne. The classic mimosa came in a three-way tie for second place overall with sex on the beach and tequila sunrise at four states each. Irish coffee, a common morning beverage often combined with a bit of whiskey, was the most popular in Colorado, Delaware, and Virginia. Surprisingly, the Bloody Mary was the most popular in just one state, Wisconsin.

    A graphic displaying the most popular brunch cocktail in every state.

  • In the brunch cocktail battle of Mimosa vs. Bloody Mary, Florida is team bottomless Mimosas!

    A graphic displaying which popular cocktail is more popular in the U.S. between Bloody Marys and mimosas.

  • To stay trendy in Florida, try ordering a Cranberry Mimosa! That’s your state’s most popular juice!

    A map displaying the most popular mimosa juice flavor in every state.