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It’s a rainy Florida weekend and you’re stuck with the same dilemma. Can’t decide which pizza to order for pizza night. My go-to is a frozen pizza from Aldi’s that I add cheese and other toppings, but there are times when I want something fresh and delivered. I go for a classic cheese with pepperoni though. Pretty much every time!

It doesn’t matter if you like your pizza thin, crispy, thick, crusty, or full of sauce, everyone has a favorite. TOP Agency recently released a report indicating that each state has a different preference for pizza. What is the number one preference in 2022 for Florida? Let us find out!

The 2022 Pizza Consumption Index, a study of the pizza preferences and eating habits of more than 12M U.S. adults, says Little Caesars is the most popular pizza chain in the country. 16 states chose Little Caesar’s as their current go-to. It’s possible that Little Caesar’s low price is attracting a bigger crowd since inflation is taking such a big bite out of everyone’s budget. Godfathers and Domino’s came in second and third, respectively. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 spots for a slice (or two or three?) of pizza in Florida. Florida’s pizza preference for 2022 actually surprised me. I thought we’d follow the trend and choose Little Caesar’s, but as you’ll see, they are all the way down at number 4.

It’s a rainy Friday and a perfect time to order in. Here’s the top 5 pizza chains in Florida.

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