Florida Black Bear in suburban neighborhood

Leaving your garage door open in Florida can be an invitation to a problem. Especially if you keep a stocked refrigerator in your garage as this Florida Man found out when he happened upon his garage fridge being raided.

Normally the biggest threat to leaving your garage door open comes from your neighbor stopping over and helping himself to one of your Jai Alais. In this case, it was a bear helping himself.

According to Fox 13, Jason Mickel of Sanford was surprised to find it wasn’t his neighbor looting his garage fridge. It was a bear. And in true Florida Man style, instead of running and hiding he pulled out his phone to get it on video. “Going through my fridge I see, aren’t you?” he appears to ask the bear in the video. “Take all my food?”

My favorite part is when he asks the bear about the food and the bear looks back as if to say “what if I am?”