Florida Lottery tickets can be a bit of an impulse buy. Maybe you just finished at the Publix checkout and notice that the person behind the lottery counter isn’t with another customer. Well, maybe you slide on over and pick up some scratch offs. Or maybe that machine right by the exit catches your eye and you think “maybe I’ll put in 10 bucks and grab a ticket.” Some of these tickets show the possibility of a big jackpot but in reality, it’s just not so. These are the Florida Lottery scratch offs you should probably avoid.

Powerball is up over a billion again, if you want my insight on that, you’ll find that here. But right now, we’re talking scratch offs.

Before you buy any scratch off, you really should know the chance of hitting it big. What if I told you that there’s a $50 ticket with a 25 million dollar grand prize, but you can’t win it? Or a $2 ticket where you could win $100,000 – but you won’t.

When the Florida Lottery issues new scratch offs, there’s a set number of big winners. And as the game gets older, sometimes all the big winners are gone. But how do you know? They actually provide a list, and update the date regularly.

A lot of these tickets still have secondary and other prizes available. Big prizes, too. But I want the dream. I need to know I can win that grand prize before I start scratching. If you’re the same, here’s the tickets where all the big winners are gone. These are the tickets to avoid.


    $100,000 Money Multiplier

    It’s only a $2 ticket and you can still win $1,000. But all 12 of the $100,000 grand prize winners are gone.

  • 500X THE CASH

    500x the cash from Florida Lottery

    This ticket made a big splash in Southwest Florida when someone from Bonita Springs won $25 million. Not going to happen again. The 25 million dollar prizes are gone. You can still win a million, but those odds are declining rapidly. Of the 160 million dollar winning tickets, only 4 of them are left. This $50 ticket in nearing the end of its run.


    Monopoly Doubler

    It’s only a $2 ticket, but don’t expect to win $100,000. There were 8 grand prize winners, but they’re all gone now. This was a series of Monopoly Doubler games. All of the other versions still have some big winners left.


    billion dollar gold rush supreme

    It’s a $30 ticket with all of the $15 million dollar prizes gone. One of those winners was a guy in North Port. I remember that one. There’s also only 1 $1 million dollar card left. If you want a $30 ticket, maybe go with that 300x The Cash ticket. Most of it’s big winners are still in play.

  • $5,000,000 CASHWORD

    5 million cashword

    All of the $5 million dollar and $100,000 tickets are gone. There are 2 – $1 million dollar tickets left, so maybe you’ll hit one of those. Marilyn Pealy in Cape Coral won $5 million on this ticket back in 2021. I just don’t have the patience for it.

  • That's it, just those 5

    All of the other tickets still have big winners left. Those $20 Triple match tickets that came out last month haven’t hit any of the big winners yet. There’s also a $1 Fast Bucks ticket that came out in September that hasn’t hit yet. Good luck to all, and remember to play responsibly.

    This list was made on October 4, 2023. The most current data is available on the Florida Lottery Website.

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