Florida lacks culture according to THIS report. It’s from a Florida company too, Florida Vacation Rentals. It’s a company that offers Florida vacation homes with no service or booking fees. Now to be clear, it does not say that Floridians themselves lack culture, although we all likely know some who do. However, this report points to the lack of cultural attractions in the Sunshine State. I suppose beaches don’t count as culture.

How does THIS report work

The organization analyzed the number of cultural attractions in all fifty states to come up with the list. By attractions we mean things such as landmarks, museums and art galleries, as a percentage of the total attractions available. While we have a lot of attractions in Florida, places such as Disney World and Busch Gardens don’t apparently count for this. However, these attractions do indeed count when it comes to tourism in general.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Florida Rentals said: “While the larger, more populated states may offer a larger amount of attractions, this data highlights the difference in states which are putting that focus on culture. Many of these states are putting a focus on bringing in visitors with more recreational attractions such as theme parks, which is just as good as a draw for tourism.”

cultured states

From the “Must Cultured” State, New Mexico. This is Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. It was summer home of preeminent American Painter Georgia O”Keeffe. 

Wondering what states are deemed to have the most culture? Believe it or not, New Mexico ranks number one. The rest of the top five, in order, are Mississippi, Kansas, North Dakota, and Rhode Island. If you raised your eyebrows at those, you are not the only one. But hey, I didn’t do the research. I’m simply passing it on.

Florida lacks culture according to THIS report. Here is how the rest of the top ten worst cultured states fall into place.

  • #1 Florida


    Tampa Bay Skyline

  • #2 Nevada


    MGM Las Vegas

  • #3 Alaska


    Matanuska glacier Alaska

  • Hawaii


    Surfing in Hawaii

  • #5 Colorado


    Ski Colorado

  • #6 Washington



  • #7 Idaho

  • #8 Wisconsin


    Wisconsin Dairy

  • #9 South Carolina

  • #10 Utah



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