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Going to a football game can definitely be expensive, but one football stadium in Florida has some of the cheapest food and drinks.

We love going to professional sports games, but we also know that can be pretty pricy. Before you even get into the stadium, you may already be up to $50 deep just to park. Then you add in food, drinks and merch and before you know it, a $150 ticket turns into a $500 day. And that’s not even taking into consideration the amount of time it may take for you to get there. Especially if you leave from here in Fort Myers to either Miami or Tampa, you’re minimum 2 hours. Jacksonville fans are looking at more like 5 hours, plus a hotel stay.

But the good news, is that one football stadium in Florida has some of the cheapest food and drinks.

While Miami is not known for being cheap, Hard Rock Stadium is ranking high for cheap eats and sips. Betting.com looked at the price for hotdogs and beer at each NFL stadium. Let’s face it, you can’t go to a game without beer and a hot dog. For some reason at a game, they both just taste better. Hard Rock Stadium came in at 2nd place on the list for having the most budget-friendly prices. Hot dogs are just $4 and a beer is just $5. I think the last time I went to a Bucs game, I paid $18 for a beer!! It was a big one, but still, ouch. The cheapest NFL stadium is Mercedes-Benz stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons. Beer is $5 and a hotdog, just $2.

Top 5 Most Expensive NFL Stadiums for Food & Drinks:

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