Florida has been for quite awhile, the epicenter of crazy. This video posted yesterday highlights that. A Florida alligator was about to secure a meal – when he became one. The egret barely flinches. Just watches it all go down. This video was recorded somewhere in Florida. Not exactly sure where but based on the poster of the video I’m guessing around Jacksonville. Check out the video. The smaller gator had no idea that he was not the hunter, but the hunted.


It may seem crazy to people outside of Florida, but gator cannibalism is normal. I’ve seen many videos from the Everglades of big alligators eating smaller alligators. They don’t care. A meal is a meal. So when one Florida alligator takes out another, it’s normal.

Was the Florida alligator baited?

Here’s my take. The egret saw the alligator coming for him but made no move to get away. I think he let this happen. I’m thinking the egret and the large alligator have a deal in place. The egret is acting as bait. When a predator approaches, he’s focused on the kill and not paying full attention to his surroundings. The egret is a distraction so the big alligator can get a meal. The egret, in turn, gets protection from the big alligator. If the idea of animals teaming up on a hunt seems far fetched, you’ve never seen Jurassic Park.

  • Clever Girl

  • I'm not the only one who noticed

  • The bird just watches

  • Florida is crazy

    For anyone thinking of moving here, yes, this is normal. Stick around in our state long enough and you’ll see some crazy stuff. But an egret working with an alligator to act as bait? That one’s new to me.

  • Also in Florida.......

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