It’s that time of year. The summer is winding down and it’s time to buckle down and get ready to head back to the classroom. To help, here are five brilliant DIY back to school hacks for TikTok Tuesday. These tips are for both parents and guardians, as well as teachers. Now is the time to get organized. Having plan of attack is a big part of winning the back to school battle.

Back to school hacks

First, clothing. When I was staying with my nephews years ago, one of the worst mornings I had when getting them to school involved clothing. They lived in Washington D.C. and we had a 20-25 minute walk to school. At that crucial time of getting out of the door, one of them burst into tears. He dug in his heels and proclaimed he was not going.

I was horrified. Did someone hurt you, who is being mean to you? Who do I need to track down and give a piece of my mind? Finally, I said, “Hey do you want to change your shirt?” By now it was wet with tears. Suddenly, the river stopped flowing. He said, “yes,” put on a new shirt and out the door we went. Crisis averted. If picking out what to wear causes stumbling in your household, I’ve got an idea for you below.

Child writing at a table

Carving out time and space for homework can be challenging but important. Tips here.

Next is food. Gotta keep those kids fed and if you can do so without too much stress on your end, bonus. There is a hack for that here as well. Finally some good ideas for homework and time management. Those are also battleground areas for many parents and teachers.

No TikTok account, no problem. Just scroll down, hit the arrow to play and find some great ideas. Enjoy these five brilliant DIY back to school hacks for TikTok Tuesday.

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