Does insurance cover this? I’m looking at the picture still wondering how this happened. A quarter million dollar Ferrari Roma smashed up at the bottom of a car elevator.

Judging by the pictures, it looks like this happened at Ferrari of Palm Beach. Reports say a car elevator malfunction caused the car to hang in the elevator shaft. The drop must have pierced the fuel tank as they had to call the fire department to deal with the gas leak. They had to shut off the power to the dealership and clean up the gas before they could continue. Then it’s heavy equipment time.

Time to call a real Florida Man with a giant tow truck with a 45 foot boom and multiple 50,000 pound winches to pull that car out of the hole. I don’t know who’s car this is, but since the fire department blurred out the license plate I’m guessing the car may have belonged to a customer. Imagine owning a quarter million dollar car and have it fall off an elevator. My car is worth no where near that much and I’d be pi**ed. Maybe they were considering trading that V8 Ferrari Roma for the new V12 anyway. That insurance check gonna be more than what I paid for my house.

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