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UFC President Dana White is in deep trouble… or at least he should be. There is a video circulating on social media of White slapping his wife twice while at a New Year’s Eve party. This is a billionaire president of a sports league assaulting his wife on video. So why is ESN silent on Dana White? ESPN personalities love to wax poetically on their moral high horse. Yet the world wide leader in sports has been silent on the topic. Log onto the MMA page of and there is nothing about the video. There is a story about White’s statement on the MMA page, but it never made it’s way to the homepage of The article does not link the video, let alone show it on the site. There is only one logical conclusion as ESPN is silent on Dana White and his video that is all over the internet: MONEY.

ESPN is the television partner of the UFC. There are live fights on the ESPN family of cable networks, and the sport has a huge presence on ESPN+, the streaming arm of ESPN. Why else would ESPN remain mum on this topic? But it’s not like ESPN hasn’t gone after their partners in the past. ESPN has bombshell story after bombshell story on Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. They helped pressure the NBA to remove Donald Sterling as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers years ago (rightfully so). They played the Ray Rice video clip day after day. ESPN has never let business partnerships get in the way of their reporting, or how they talent should approach delicate topics. So why now?

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