I came across a story from Reddit that was published in the NY Post and I immediately thought to myself, ” Does this sound like Chris? ” from the Shemon and Sheppard Show on ESPN Southwest Florida. It’s about a guy who saved up all year for a nice vacation for him and his wife. Along the way his wife got pregnant before the vacation. Maybe this would be a nice way for the couple to get in some alone-time before the arrival of their newborn child.

However, as you know, pregnant women should not drink alcohol for the safety of their unborn child. Dutifully, the wife gave up boozing. However, she told her husband the if she could not drink, then he should abstain from drinking as well, especially on their vacation.

Well, the husband was not hearing any of this. In fact, he said if he could not drink then there was no point in going on his expensive vacation because he would not be able to enjoy himself and get his money’s worth of fun on the trip.  Again, does this sound like Chris?

Upon reading this story I immediately thought this is something Chris would do and I approached the subject on the air. Of course, almost immediately, he jumped in and said he agrees with this dude 1000 percent!!! Craig right again!

Husband cancels vacation with pregnant wife after she requests he abstain from drinking along with her

As a parent, occasionally sacrifices need to be made. They aren't always permanent, but they're usually important. Such as occasionally skipping after-drinks so you can get home to your kids, or bringing an ill child into your bed. Or even buying groceries instead of the really nice shoes you want.