We started the day off with a Lamborghini crashing into the roof of a house in Fort Lauderdale. Now it’s Miami where Brazilian influencer and OnlyFans model Iara Ferreira claims she was kicked out of a Miami supermarket for the crime of being overly attractive. She didn’t say which store so we don’t know if it was one of the big ones, or maybe a local bodega. She says that she was alone in the store which leads me to believe it was a smaller store. Actually, if you wear a thong and a crop top at Wal Mart I’m not sure anyone would say anything at all.

According to the NY Post: “she was shopping in Miami when a supermarket employee approached her and asked the content creator to leave the store. She claimed he recognized her from her OnlyFans model account, and he assumed she would be showing off in the store and filming it.” The employee was also from Brazil, which is why he said he recognized her. Sure. I once tried a similar story claiming that I was at a strip club in Florida tipping a girl only because she was from Ohio. That story didn’t fly.

Iara claims that what she was wearing wasn’t scandalous, just the revealing clothes that she normally wears in Brazil. So hold up, hold up, hold up. Do all women in Brazil dress like this?

She believes she was kicked out of the store for being “hot”. So let’s take a look at her Insta. For research.


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