How about a bouquet of Rosé (Wine) for Mother’s Day this year? If the mom in your life enjoys a good glass of wine, consider ditching the roses (flowers) this year and opt for a couple of bottles of rosé wine. This kind of wine could not be more perfect for spring and summer in Southwest Florida. It’s also one of the most misunderstood wines. Many people see its pink color and make all kinds of assumptions about its taste. For instance, it is sweet, it’s wimpy, it’s boring. While those descriptions are sometimes accurate, more often than not, they are wrong.

Rosé (Wine) for Mother’s Day and Wine Wednesday

These pink wines can be quite fascinating. Rosé can be made from any red grape, literally any. There are producers like Gerard Bertrand in France who revere rose, dedicating an entire vineyard to one wine production. His Clos du Temple costs more than $150 a bottle and it is amazing. While Bertrand harvests grapes specifically for rosé, some wineries take a different approach. When making red wine, often times some of the juice is “bled off.” The flavors in the juice that is left are more concentrated and better for bottling in most cases. Instead of wasting the juice that is removed, many wineries turn it into rosé.

I’ve tasted some rosé wine that if you could not see the color, you might think it was a crisp white wine. In addition, some can taste as bold as a light red wine. In conclusion, if you are looking for a gift or something to add to a gift this week, consider a bouquet of Rosé (Wine) for Mother’s Day. And while you are at it, grab a couple of bottles for yourself. They are great wines to have on hand going into summer. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Souleil Vin De Bonte

    Rose for Mothers Day

    This wine comes from France. Souleil means “sun” in ancient French and this wine kind of tastes sunny, if sunny were to have a taste.

    It is vegan, organic, sustainable and is a brand that gives back.  Part of Souleil Vin de Bonté’s proceeds go toward protecting one of the planet’s most valuable resources: our oceans. The rose is a blend of mostly Grenache, with some cinsault and syrah to beef things up bit. It has minerality acidity and delicious notes of strawberry, citrus and even some lavendar on the finish. Find it in the $20 range.


  • Quivira Vineyards

    Mother's Day roseQuivira makes a dry, Provencal-style Rosé that also leads with Grenache. However, it also has some primitivo to shake things up. It’s a beautiful color, a beautiful bottle and tastes as elegant as it looks. Red fruit, stone fruit, citrus, this rose from Dry Creek Valley has some complexity. The winery does not make a lot of it. So when you find a bottle, grab two. It’s worth it. $30

  • Lucy Wines

    Mothers Day RoseAnother beautiful bottle, this rosé is from the famous Pisoni family in California’s Central Coast. $1 from every bottle sold is donated to breast cancer research.  In fact, every wine in the Lucy line has a charitable tie-in.

    The wine is aromatic and teasing to the senses. Flavors are layered with things such as stone fruits, watermelon, and citrus. It has nice texture as well. Lucy Rosé is made from Pinot Noir in the Santa Lucia Highlands $24

  • Frank Family Leslie Rosé

    Leslie Frank is the founder of Frank Family wines and the inspiration for this Napa Valley Rosé. It’s made from pinot noir grown in the esteemed Carneros region. The wine is fresh, vibrant and  lighter in style. Leslie also has an elegant, sophisticated quality. I like the nectarine flavors in this one. It’s one to savor. $50
    Mother's Day Rose

  • The Vice Rose

    The Vice Rose is also pinot noir grown in Carneros. The color is a little darker, although it doesn’t appear so in the photo, and there is more red fruit in this one. It has a nice long finish and no residual sugar. The Vice is another brand that gives back and supports a number of charities and causes. They make a really cool orange wine that I’ll be featuring in an upcoming story. For now, look for the rose. $26
    Mother's Day Rose

  • Domaine Bousquet Sparkling Rose

    Bubbles are a great way to celebrate mom and these go down easy. Domaine Bousquet is an Argentinian producer that makes great effort to take care of the environment and produce clean wines. I popped the cork on this one at the beach recently and we were almost fighting to get the last drop of it.

    It’s made from pinot noir and chardonnay grown in higher altitudes. It is bright and fresh with lots of strawberry and the bubbles are a great texture. Best of all, this rose is one heck of a good deal for what is in the bottle. Find it for under $15
    Mother's Day Rose

  • Masseria Li Veli

    In the group photo you’ll see two wines from this producer in Southern Italy. From Puglia, the wines are made from native grape varieties that you might not be so familiar with. Li Veli Torrerose Negroamaro Rosato is a hearty rose with apple, peach and strawberry flavor that still manages to feel lively. It’s made from negromaro. $15

    Mother's Day Rose

    The Li Veli Askos Susumaniello Rosato is made from the lesser-known Susumaniello grape variety. It’s a bit floral and features lots of red berries. It is a great discovery, especially for the mom who likes discovery and trying something different. $25

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