Fantasy Football draft season is just on the horizon. And your draft prep should be under way. The draft is a special time of the year. It’s a time where everyone in your league feels like they have a shot this season. And for most leagues it’s the one time a year where everyone gets together. But where are the best places to host your fantasy football draft? A good draft every year is the foundation on which the league is built. And it should be taken seriously. I understand that maybe not all of the league lives in once city or town. But it’s worth it to make the effort to get everyone together. And there are a ton of options when looking at the best places to host your fantasy football draft.

There are a few necessities that every draft has to have. Number one being good reliable internet. The days of bringing printed out lists and magazines are over. This is 2023 and the internet is a must for a successful draft. The other is interaction. I’m not saying you should comment on every single pick. But calling out bad picks, busts, or other “hot takes” creates some storylines in your league. And the final is a draft board. A physical draft board with the stickers. The online draft rooms are fine, but there’s still nothing like looking up at the board with all the colors and seeing how other teams are taking shape. Maybe it’s old fashion, but I love everything about an actual draft board.

  • 1. Last Year's Loser's House

    Best Places to Host Your Fantasy Football Draft Loser Hosts

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    Have last year’s loser host this year’s draft. Have the winner select the drinks and food provided by the host. This is by far the most relaxing and informal setting.


  • 2. Sports Bar with Private Room

    Call your favorite sports bar and see if they offer a fantasy football draft package. This normally comes with food, drinks, and a draft board. See if they have a private room or an isolated corner where your league can spread out and have the space needed for all of the draft prep research.

  • 3. Book a Trip

    The Best Places to Host your Fantasy Football Draft Trip

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    If you plan a big annual trip with a majority of your league, consider expanding it to include the whole league. Make just league members, only spouses, or entire families. This works really well for leagues where members live far apart and can just drive to the local bar or a buddy’s house. Vegas is a great idea, but cruises and all inclusive resorts are used as well. If you do this call the hotel or cruise prior to showing up to reserve a conference room for the draft.

  • 4. Office Conference Room

    Best Places to Host a Fantasy Football Draft Conference Room

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    If your in an office league, talk to the boss and see if you can have the league stay late one night for the draft. The conference table is ideal to have your league sit around in the draft order so there is no confusion. The projector is also a nice touch.

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