For TikTok Tuesday last week I posted several great soup recipes. Ones that were nice and warming during the cool winter weather we had for the weekend. One thing that good soups need are good breads for dipping. And if that soup happens to be tomato, that bread better be filled with cheese. And also grilled. For TikTok Tuesday this week, here are the best grilled cheese recipes to go with those soups.

grilled cheese

Picking the right combination of cheeses is the key to making the best grilled cheese sandwich possible.

How to make the best grilled cheese

For something that sounds and really is so simple, how can so many people mess it up? I mean there really are only two ingredients, bread and cheese. In addition, you need butter to get that crisp golden texture on the outside of the bread. This is where many people mess up. They spread the butter on the bread first instead of melting it in the pan, the way experts advise. However, there is another secret, and for some purists, a controversial trick. It’s mayonnaise. Spread a thin layer of mayo on the outside of the bread before heating.

Getting the right cheese is key. No aged cheeses. They are not “melty” enough. To get the heat all the way through for a nice melt, and without burning the bread, cooking on medium low heat is best.

Videos featuring comfort foods like tomato soups and grilled cheese have been prevalent on my social media feeds in the last week. I took the top five from my TikTok feed last night and assembled them here.

You don’t have to have an account to view these videos. In addition, no logging in means no getting into trouble at work. Simply scroll down and hit play. Enjoy these top five cooking videos, best grilled cheese recipes for TikTok Tuesday.


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